The Exemplification “To Do” list.


There are 4 Degrees within the Knights of Columbus.  The 1st Degree is the entry level, open to all honorable Catholic gentlemen.  Click here to find out how to Become a Knight.


After taking the 1st Degree initiation, you are immediately invited, and encouraged, to take your “Major Degrees”, the 2nd & 3rd Degrees.  Click here to find out when Major Degrees are scheduled.


After completing your Major Degrees, you should think about completing your indoctrination into full Knighthood.  After earning your major degree status, you are eligible for full Knighthood called, The 4th Degree Exemplification.


To ready yourself for this prestigious event you should:

·       Click here to find out when the next event is scheduled. 


·       Contact a current member of the local Assembly you wish to join, and fill out a Form 4.  Have it signed by the Faithful Navigator and the Faithful Comptroller of that Assembly, As well as the Worthy Financial Secretary of your Council. The Faithful Navigator of Assembly 0094 is Shawn McPeek.  The Faithful Comptroller is Dan Knievel.  The Financial Secretary of Council 1313 is Chris Tornow.  The Financial Secretary of Council 14898 is also Dan Knievel.  The Financial Secretary of Council 15857 is Eric Baker. The Faithful Navigator will then submit your name, and a count of other family members who wish to attend, to the hosting Assembly.


·       Candidates must be accompanied by a current 4th Degree member.  Select an assembly member as your sponsor who is a 4th Degree member in good standing, or an assembly stand-in sponsor from the assembly you wish to join. 


·       The dress for a candidate is now the following: Black or dark (blue or grey) business suit with black socks and black shoes, white dress shirt and tie and candidate identification. Candidates serving in the armed forces of his country, full-time police and firefighters: Class A or dress uniform.


·       On the day of the event, be sure to bring your current, signed 3rd Degree membership card; bring the properly signed Form 4; bring the initiation fees (the Assembly will pay for you as a candidate, you must take care of your guests); be properly dressed and on time to the correct location.


·       Plan the whole day around this event.  (Most Exemplification hosts will offer a banquet afterwards.  They will request a head count to prepare for the guests attending.  Bring your family if you wish.)


·       Congratulate yourself for taking this all important step.  Future Sir Knight.